The Love Witch

Director: Anna Biller.
Starring: Samantha Robinson, Laura Waddell, Gian Keys. USA 2016. 121 mins,

After her husband dies, Elaine (rising star Robinson) leaves her old home in San Francisco to settle in a creepily idyllic small Californian town, where she plans to use her demonic powers to snag her dream lover. She succeeds in seducing her very first date, but when, not uncoincidentally, he dies shortly afterwards, Elaine puts a suspicious local cop (Keys) quite literally under her spell, which prompts a series of increasingly vile and violent events.

With its clear homage to 1960s and ’70s s exploitation movies, writer-director Anna Biller’s 2007 feature, Viva, set the tone for this tongue-in-cheek but gorgeous-looking horror-comedy. Shot on saturated 35mm Technicolor by David Mullen, with Biller supervising everything else from costume design and art direction to the editing, The Love Witch is huge, non-stop fun, with added gore.

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