Decolonising the Arts in association with Black History Studies presents the East London Premiere screening of THE HOUSE ON COCO ROAD.

The House on Coco Road is an intimate portrait of an activist and teacher who moves her children from Oakland, California to participate in the Grenada Revolution, only to find her family caught up in a U.S. military invasion.

Director Damani Baker (Still Bill, 2009) draws poignant connections between the civil rights struggles in the US, socialist revolutions in the Caribbean and liberation struggles on the African continent. Seamlessly weaving between the grand narratives of pan-Africanism and anti-imperialism and touching personal insights, THE HOUSE ON COCO ROAD successfully captures a pivotal moment in African-diaspora history, encouraging us all to apply history's lessons to the situations we face today.

Tickets £8

Club and Group screenings

Sat 26th Aug 12.00 Hackney Attic.

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