The Founder

Director: John Lee Hancock.
Starring: Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman. USA 2016. 115 mins.

Following Birdman and Spotlight, Michael Keaton’s revitalised star continues its ascent with his study of Ray Kroc, the opportunistic entrepreneur who put the ‘fast’ into fast food. Saving Mr Banks director John Lee Hancock’s rambunctious movie avers that Kroc didn’t actually invent the Big Mac, however. Instead he spotted the clever but cautious McDonald brothers (John Carroll Lynch, Nick Offerman) successfully streamlining their San Bernadino burger stand kitchen, and gradually, cunningly he took over their business to the point where he could claim to be the eponymous founder. Laura Dern plays the prim wife Kroc abandons along with most of his principles, while Mad Men’s Linda Cardellini is the new wife he steals from a business partner. But thanks to Keaton’s souped-up, twinkly-eyed turn, you can’t help loving Mr Kroc all the same.

Contains infrequent strong language.

General admission screenings

Wed 22nd Feb
12.40 15.35 18.20
Thu 23rd Feb
12.40 18.20

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