Director: Mary Mullan
Writer: Tony Sands. Starring: Nicola Howard, Mac McFadden, Rowena Lennon, Robert Bradley, Bethan Lee, Garry Hayden, Charlotte Campbell. UK 2017. 57 mins.

The Bench is a heartwarming drama about six different characters who meet on a park bench.

Henry and Willa are good friends who spend their lunch breaks together, except when it rains. It seems they both want something more, but, will either risk the bond they already have?

Natalie has just moved to London. She is in constant engagement with someone from her hometown through emails, texts and messages, though they are only one way... Tommy simply wants some peace and quiet to enjoy his book in a break from his nursing job, however, he can't help being drawn into the complexities of Natalie.

Gemma and Glen have been dating for a long time, Gemma's father has just had a heart attack and is in a nearby hospital. Glen chooses an inappropriate time to make a proposal....

With love, laughs, tears and music.

The Bench was all shot in Haggerston Park, East London.

Tickets £7

Please note, the Attic is an over-18s venue

Club and Group screenings

Fri 12th May 19.30 Hackney Attic.

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