Joz Norris, Matthew Highton and everyone involved would love you to be the first in the world to see their new film Robert Johnson and the Devil Man. They would also like a lot of other people in the world to see it. Therefore tonight is not just a screening, it’s a whole evening of comedy and film, whose proceeds will go toward sending their work to festivals across the globe.

Not only will they be premiering their new short film Robert Johnson and the Devil Man, they will also be showing their debut 2016 film collaboration Double Act and the wonderful stars, some of the finest comedians in the country, will be doing short sets to make this an unmissable evening of entertainment.

The Films
Robert Johnson and the Devil Man

It’s said that Robert Johnson, one of the most influential, pioneering musicians in history, met the Devil at a crossroads at midnight and sold his soul to be the greatest there’s ever been. A century later a different Robert Johnson attempts to do the same and not only does he find the myth to be real, but the parameters of becoming the best not as straightforward as he might have hoped. Written by and starring Joz Norris and directed by Matthew Highton, this is a sweet, absurd take on one of the most famous legends in music history. Also starring David Mills (Florence Foster Jenkins) in the role he was born to play, the Devil.

Double Act
A once famous, now bitter, TV double act, are forced to continue to work together in the death throes of their career. Yearning to rekindle the lives they were once accustomed to, an old life-insurance policy may be the key back to the good life, if they’re prepared to say goodbye to one another for good.

Written by Joz Norris and directed by Matthew Highton the film stars Edward Aczel (Great Expectations, Call The Midwife), Michael Brunstrom (Malcom Hardee Award winner) and Gabby Best (I Want My Wife Back BBC1, Siblings BBC3).

Joz Norris (writer) and Matthew Highton (director) have been collaborating live for years in prestigious groups such as Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival nominated Weirdos Comedy Club and Chortle Nominated Comedian’s Cinema Club.

Both films are produced by Turtle Canyon Comedy, who are currently the vanguard of the most exciting and innovative short films coming out of the UK’s comedy scene, working with the best and biggest names to create the best and biggest projects.

Tickets £10

Club and Group screenings

Fri 3rd Mar 19.30 Hackney Attic.

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