Directing Film: The Basics

Directing Film: The Basics
A practical introduction to the role of the film director.

Wednesdays 7 to 9.00 for 6 weeks from Monday 12th June. 2017
Lecturer Neil Mcenery-West

This 6 week course will give an insight into the step-by-step process of the film director. We will explore the practical components of film direction. How a director learns to develop their own visual language. And how they work with their cast and crew. The course will use detailed examples covering the various stages of filmmaking.

The course is aimed at people who are curious to demystify the role of the film director. Those with a passion for the craft of filmmaking. And those interested in directing themselves, but who would like to learn more about what the role entails.

Week 1: The history of film direction

A journey through the history of film direction. Looking at some of the cultural and industrial changes throughout the 20th century that have influenced the changing faces of the role.

Week 2: Developing the story and writing the script
So you’ve got an idea. Should you write it yourself or find a writer? How to collaborate with screenwriters. Developing an idea into a story. Developing a story into a screenplay. Turning your screenplay into a finished product.

Week 3: Pre-Production
Exploring how to finance your film, assemble your cast/crew and the Producer/Director relationship (the marriage).

Week 4: Production
Directing is about making choices, not having to have all the answers.

Week 5: Post Production
Looking at the relationship between director and editor, the role of music and the creative potentialities of sound.

Week 6: Marketing and exhibiting your film
How to develop a festival stratergy, generate press interest and get you film into cinemas.

Tickets are £70 for the full six week course (£65 concession / £60 Picturehouse Members).

Club and Group screenings

Mon 12th Jun 19.00 Film Course.

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