Director: Antonio Campos.
Starring: Rebecca Hall, Tracy Letts, Michael C. Hall. USA 2016. 120 mins.

The often-underrated Rebecca Hall (The Town, The Prestige) delivers a stunning, nuanced performance as troubled Floridian TV reporter Christine Chubbuck, who shot herself on air in 1974. Frustrated at the lightweight news items she’s obliged to deliver by her boss (Letts, Wiener-Dog, Indignation) and by romantic rejection from her co-anchor (Hall, Dexter), Chubbuck also has a dispiriting home life, and professional ambitions that she gradually realises are unattainable. Eventually she cracks. This being a fact-based drama, we already know the shocking outcome, but director Antonio Campos (Simon Killer) and first-time screenwriter Craig Shilowich deftly build a sense of tension based on recognisable human frailties. Set against the backdrop of a struggling local TV station and Nixon’s impeachment unfolding off-screen, Hall’s complex characterisation galvanises our attention.

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