British Social Realism Film Course

This six-week course is an opportunity to explore the social and artistic heritage of British Social Realism as well as its continued influence and cultural importance.

Each class will consist of guided discussion in a seminar style, informed by viewings of film extracts, short films, re-mixes and mash-ups of all the key films in this rich tradition.

Week 1: Mar 9 Origins, from Blackmail to Night Mail - Hitchcock, Humphrey Jennings and Grierson’s documentary movement: “Listen to Britain”.

Week 2: Mar 16 Fifties’ “Free Cinema” to Woodall Films- Lindsay Anderson’s O Dreamland: Margate then and now. “We Are the Lambeth Boys” to “This Sporting Life”.

Week 3: Mar 23 Cathy Come Home to I Daniel Blake: the films of Ken Loach.

Week 4: Mar 30 A Taste of Honey to Fish Tank: The Development of Kitchen Sink dramas.

Week 5: Apr 6 Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner to 45 Years.

Week 6: Apr 13 Recent British Films/Television: Catch Me Daddy - Burn, Burn, Burn - Hyena - Happy Valley.

Course Leader: John Wischmeyer
Tickets: £70 for the full six week course (£65 concessions/£60 Members)
Thursday evenings, 9 March - 13 April 7.00 - 9.00.

General admission screenings

Thu 9th Mar

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