Upstream Comedy presents Netflix stars Asperger's Are Us - the US comedy troupe made up solely of people on the autism spectrum - who are bringing us their unique brand of offbeat and absurdist sketches.

If you’re thinking of a live rendition of The Big Bang Theory, then you couldn’t be more wrong. With absurdism that evokes Monty Python and delightfully silly wordplay David Zucker could have written, the four man troupe from Massachusetts might challenge people’s perceptions, but ultimately they have one aim only, to make you laugh.

"Weird as the performances were, they were in line with the type of sketch I like from Kids in the Hall or Whitest Kids U’Know—oddball characters, goofy premises, and clever wordplay. As a neurotypical person who is generally ignorant of autism, I didn’t know what to make of the Asperger’s aspect of the act. As a discriminating fan of alternative comedy, I ate it up" - Philadelphia Weekly

Asperger’s Are Us will perform 90 minutes of their finest material with a Q&A after the show.

Tickets £9 / £7 conc.

Club and Group screenings

Sat 15th Jul 19.00 Hackney Attic.

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