Jailhouse Rock

Director: Richard Thorpe. Starring: Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, Mickey Shaughnessy, Vaughn Taylor. USA 1957. 95 mins.

One of the best of Elvis Presley's pre-Army films, Jailhouse Rock offers us the sensual, ‘dangerous’ Elvis that won the hearts of the kids and earned the animosity of their elders. Presley plays Vince Everett, a young buck who accidentally kills a man while protecting the honour of a woman. He is thrown into prison, and following his performance in the prison show, where ol' swivel-hips score a hit, he decides to stay in showbiz after his release. He sets up his own record company but success goes to his head, and he is deserted by his flunkeys and hangers-on. Everett learns the value of friendship and slowly rebuilds his reputation and career. Seldom would Elvis be so well showcased in the future.

Club and Group screenings

Mon 25th Sep 11.00 Dementia-Friendly Screening: Open to all but especially for people with dementia and their family, friends and carers. Join us for free tea, coffee and biscuits and a chance to socialise for 30 minutes before the film. The film will start at the time stated.

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