Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool

Director: Paul McGuigan.
Starring: Annette Bening, Jamie Bell, Julie Walters. UK 2017. 106 mins.

Based on actor Peter Turner’s poignant memoir, Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool follows the intense romance kindled by Hollywood legend Gloria Grahame and the much younger Turner in the late 1970s. Looking for stage work in Britain to revive her career, Grahame (Bening) meets Turner (Bell) in a London boarding house, sparking a vibrant, whirlwind affair. A few years later, after their courtship has ended, Grahame collapses in a Lancaster hotel. Her health failing, she reaches out to her former flame. When she moves to Liverpool to stay with Turner and his family, the pair’s memories of what they once had come flooding back. Bell and Bening excel as the star-crossed lovers, vividly capturing their physical and emotional connection. For Bening in particular, this might just be the performance that makes it her year at the Oscars.

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