Glyndebourne on Tour: Der Rosenkavalier

Duration: 240 min

Set in a fantasy 18th century Vienna, Richard Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier is a delightful comedy, gilded in some of the composer’s most exquisite music. ‘I have spent three quiet afternoons drafting…the scenario for an opera,’ wrote librettist Hugo von Hofmannsthal. ‘It is full of burlesque situations and characters... almost like a pantomime. There are opportunities in it for lyrical passages, for fun and humour.’

The Field Marshall’s wife, the Marschallin, is in love with the young Count Octavian Rofrano, but knows their liaison cannot last. When the young man meets the beautiful Sophie, the Marschallin understands that she must give him up to her rival, and give her blessing to the marriage that will secure his happiness. But her cousin, the lusty Baron Ochs, also has designs on Sophie and her father’s wealth, and the young lovers must scheme and plot to extricate Sophie from her engagement to the boorish Baron.

A sensuous score Strauss himself compared to ‘melted butter’ runs thick with golden strings and sparkling woodwind, conjuring a fairy-tale-like romance from a plot that blends comedy and tragedy to intoxicating effect.

Club and Group screenings

Mon 5th Nov 12.00 Screen Arts.

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