Tee And Mo: Dance

Duration: 35 min

The adventures of a fun-loving three-year-old monkey, Tee, and first-time super-mum, Mo, as they navigate the swings and roundabouts of their life together, learning what it takes to be a son and a mum.

Tee and Mo are having a Dancing Day! That is, until Tee notices someone laughing at them. Can Mo get Tee to dance like no-one's watching again?

Mo loves playing the piano, Tee wants to help Mo play the piano too... This could lead to some interesting music!

Big boy Tee
Tee and Mo are having a picnic but Tee spots his friends and wants to journey across the park...on his own! Should Mo let Tee out of her sight?

Action Ape did it
Tee finds that it's easier to blame Action Ape for all of his mess and then feels guilty when Mo tells Action Ape off. Can Tee learn to tell Mo the truth?

Tee and Lily get creative building their own dens, but it all gets rather competitive, Mo gets creative too in an effort to bridge the divide!

Song: Are We Ready To Go?

Club and Group screenings

Mon 20th May 11.30 Toddler Time: Exclusively for preschool children and their parents or carers.

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