Tee and Mo: April 2018

Duration: 34 min

The adventures of a fun-loving three-year-old monkey, Tee, and first-time super-mum, Mo, as they navigate the swings and roundabouts of their life together, learning what it takes to be a son and a mum.

We're delighted to welcome Tee And Mo to Toddler Time. Their first ever episodes screened at Picturehouse Cinemas will be:

Face Wipe: When Tee gets involved with cake making he inevitably ends up with cake on face. Like any mum, Mo's handy with a face wiper but Tee has other ideas...

The Box: Mo is very excited by the arrival of a new lamp, but Tee is more interested in the box it came in. Together the pair find the perfect place to put the lamp, using the box and a little bit of imagination.

Rocket: Mo needs to go to the shop but Tee is more interested in building a rocket out of cardboard boxes. Mo compromises by helping him with the rocket BEFORE they go to the shops, but when it's finished. Tee just wants to stay and play in it.

Surprise!: It's tidying up day and Tee's friend Lily the Tiger comes round to play her favourite game; Surprise! But can they surprise Mo?

Picture: Mo is eager to get a new picture of Tee for her wall, but Tee is more interested in pictures of bugs than
posing for the camera himself. Is there any way to do both?

Song: Only One Mum: Tee loves his mum and wants the world to know via the power of song. From Mo’s epic sandwich making, amazing storytelling, to her mystical ability to find his lost shoes - Tee thinks that when you've got the best mum in the world, the best way to tell her is with a song.

Club and Group screenings

Mon 23rd Apr 11.00 Toddler Time: Exclusively for preschool children and their parents or carers.

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