ourscreen: Brighton Symphony Of A City

Duration: 48 min

This cinematic portrait of Brighton, in all its bohemian, and campaigning glory, darts between past present and is set to a sumptuous orchestral score. 'Father Neptune' is dunked in a raucous 1951 ritual, 1930s marchers celebrate the Soviet Union. Today’s residents parade at Pride and commemorate Gaza. The elegant ferris wheel marks the passage of time, and this day-in-a-life culminates in astounding puppetry and the winter festival, 'The Burning of the Clocks'. A Brighton Festival Commission. Supported by Screen Archive South East, The University of Sussex and Sea Life Centre.

Brief intro by Lizzie Thynne (Director) and Ed Hughes (Composer) - 5 minutes
Voyage to the Moon (Georges Méliès) - 13 minutes
Brighton: Symphony of a City - 48 minutes
Q&A with Lizzie and Ed - 30 minutes

Club and Group screenings

Mon 26th Mar 21.00 ourscreen: Organised with ourscreen.com, the website for people-powered cinema. Create your own film screening at your local cinema in three easy steps.

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