Metropolis with Live Score

Brighton Digital Festival and the Duke of York’s Picturehouse are proud to celebrate the Duke’s 107th birthday with this unique screening of Metropolis, with a live piano accompaniment from Dmytro Morykit.

Written by Thea Von Harbou and directed by Fritz Lang, Metropolis is a 1927 German silent expressionist film regarded as a pioneering work of science fiction. As the first feature-length movie of the genre, set in a futuristic urban dystopia, it is among the most iconic and influential films of all time.

Scottish-based composer/pianist, Dmytro Morykit is one of the few musicians to receive official permission to create new music to sit alongside Fritz Lang’s classic. Morykit’s live performances have toured across the UK to sell-out audiences. A short introduction before the film explains how Morykit always loved this iconic film. He said, creating the concert to sit alongside Metropolis has been like an ‘accidental marriage’.

Twenty seven previous compositions were modified and two new pieces composed especially for the film. The live accompaniment is an important and dramatic part of the event as Morykit gives an electrifying performance which can be listened to as a concert in its own right as well as complementing the film.

Club and Group screenings

Fri 22nd Sep 21.00 Brighton Digital Festial: This screening is part of Brighton Digital Festival Scalarama: Screens in association with Scalarama– a celebration of cinema every September!

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