Lost Highway

Kicking off Brighton Scalarama in true Scalarama style is a late-night screening of David Lynch's surreal psychological thriller Lost Highway. This noir-influenced spine-chiller follows a jazz saxophonist (Bill Pullman) who, after a bizarre encounter at a party, is framed for the murder of his wife (Patricia Arquette). In prison, the man inexplicably transforms into a young mechanic and begins a new life for himself.

Featuring the acting debut of Marilyn Manson and piercing support performances from Robert Blake, Gary Busey and Richard Pryor, Lost Highway has become a cult favourite of Lynch fans. In the year that Twin Peaks has finally returned to our screens, join us as we revisit one of Lynch's most eerie and affecting works.

Club and Group screenings

Fri 1st Sep 23.00 35mm: Playing from a 35mm print Scalarma: Screens in association with Scalarama– a celebration of cinema every September!

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