The Secret Life Of Pets 2

Director: Jonathan del Val Chris Renaud
Starring: Harrison Ford, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Patton Oswalt
Duration: 86 min

Packed with irreverence and subversive humour, the animated story of the secret lives of pets continues with new challenges for Max, Gidget, Snowball and the gang to contend with. For terrier Max, it’s ditching his anxiety about protecting his owner’s toddler; for Pomeranian Gidget, it’s rescuing Max’s favourite toy from a flat full of felines; and for crazy-but-cute bunny Snowball, it’s being a hero after only pretending to be one. Can our furry friends summon the courage to face their biggest fears?

General admission screenings

Sat 22nd Jun
Sun 23rd Jun

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