The House That Jack Built + Recorded Introduction

Duration: 175 min

Director Lars Von Trier talks about his career and THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT in an exclusive interview featurette featuring appearances by Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman.

Lars von Trier returns to the director’s chair to present the world with his most daring and provocative work to date. This time the topic of discussion is violence and art, and violence as art.

Matt Dillon plays failed architect turned serial killer Jack, who leads us through his thought processes behind his increasingly depraved acts of murder which he names “incidents”. As he retells his crimes to Verge (Ganz) as if they were works of art in themselves, the audience is invited to question the nature of artistry. Where do its limits lie? How far is too far? With pitch-black humour and undeniable cinematic vision, von Trier delights in taking us there.

Club and Group screenings

Wed 12th Dec 20.00 Preview: We're pleased to present exclusive previews of this film at Picturehouse Cinemas, prior to its general release.

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