Funny Cow

Director: Adrian Shergold
Starring: Stephen Graham, Paddy Considine, Maxine Peake
Duration: 103 min

Maxine Peake stars as a stand-up comic, writing and performing her act ‘Funny Cow’. With an insult-packed routine, she appears in working men’s clubs in the north of England, dreaming of making it big. But 1970s and ’80s showbiz is a man’s world and, to be accepted, she finds she must include racist and homophobic material in her sketches. Encountering both success and failure, armed only with wit and determination, she battles her way to become a respected comedian. Material for her punchy comedy is mined from her own tragic upbringing, and her troubled and abusive marriage. Written by Tony Pitts and directed by Adrian Shergold, Funny Cow transports us to another era where the tough and gritty side of the comedy industry is exposed, and where changes in attitude are confronted head on.

7.4/10 19 ratings.

General admission screenings

Thu 24th May

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