The Singing Ringing Tree

East Germany 1957. English narrated version. A proud and beautiful princess is punished for her arrogance when a bewitched suitor (in the form of a bear) steals her away to an enchanted garden. There, through a series of gripping trials, she learns that kindness, humility and bravery are the routes to friendship, love and happiness. Inspired by stories by the Brothers Grimm, this East German fairy tale enchanted a generation when broadcast as a three-part black-and-white miniseries under the BBC’s ‘Tales from Europe’ banner in the 1960s. Today’s viewers are in for an even greater treat; prepare to be bowled over by the original feature’s joyous riot of colour.

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Sun 17th Dec 12.00 The Enchanted Screen: Picturehouse presents a season of folk and fairytale films Vintage Sundays: Classic films back on the big screen where they belong.

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