A Single Man

The feature debut of former Gucci Creative Director Tom Ford, A SINGLE MAN follows a day in the suddenly shattered life of an English professor, George (Firth), whose partner of 16 years has unexpectedly passed away. Complicating this scenario is the fact that the year is 1963 and George's partner was a man. Despite the first stirrings of sexual revolution on George's California campus, he exists in a world of antediluvian academia, in which his secret grief dares not reveal its true nature. As he seeks solace in professional routine, narcotic pills and his best friend Charley (Moore), he begins to question whether he will ever escape the prison of his solitude. Freed from the strictures of the British rom-com, Firth offers a masterclass in quiet devastation.

Club and Group screenings

Sun 19th Nov 17.15 Philosophers at the Cinema: UEA philosophers introduce great movies with philosophical themes

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