A Monster Calls

Director: J. A. Bayona.
Starring: Liam Neeson, Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Lewis MacDougall. USA/Spain 2016. 108 mins.

Liam Neeson, Sigourney Weaver and Felicity Jones star in this adaptation of the popular children’s book by Patrick Ness. Twelve-year-old Conor O’Malley (MacDougall, a bright new talent) is having a tough time of it: he is bullied at school, his mother (Jones) has terminal cancer, his father (Toby Kebbell) is largely absent, and his grandmother (Weaver) is bossy and controlling.

Feeling he has nowhere to turn, Conor receives a visit from an enormous, tree-shaped monster (voiced by Liam Neeson), who provides him with some much-needed guidance. Together, they explore the pains of growing up and life’s complexities. With great performances from all the cast, and striking imagery from members of the team behind Pan’s Labyrinth, director J. A. Bayona (The Impossible, The Orphanage) brings together fantasy and reality to superb effect in this spellbinding and deeply moving story.

Contains moderate threat and scenes of emotional distress.

General admission screenings

Thu 19th Jan

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