Wilde Wednesdays: An Ideal Husband Encore

Director: Jonathan Church
Starring: Susan Hampshire, Freddie Fox, Frances Barber
Duration: 160 min

Oscar Wilde’s shrewd and enchanting comedy about a senior politician haunted by the threat of exposure for a past of dodgy financial dealings and lies.

The play was written at a time when Wilde himself was facing public disgrace and, within six months of its opening, he would be facing a two-year prison sentence for gross indecency, his name was erased from the posters advertising the play.

Jonathan Church’s stylish and beautifully balanced production was universally adored by the critics. Starring are Frances Barber and Susan Hampshire; and as the fictional Lord Caversham and his son Lord Goring, in a delicious double act, real-life father and son, Edward and Freddie Fox.

With a script crammed with Wildean pearls, An Ideal Husband is both light and witty, touching and profound – a Rolls-Royce of a comedy.

Club and Group screenings

Wed 27th Mar 12.30 Screen Arts.

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