Director: Sebastian Schipper.
Starring: Laia Costa, Frederick Lau. Germany 2015. 138 mins. English, and German with English subtitles.

Director Schipper has pulled off a staggering feat with Victoria, shooting the entire film in one unbroken, exhilarating take. Set in Berlin, it charts the preparation, execution and fallout of a heist.

Things start out innocently enough: Victoria (Costa), a Spanish girl living in the city, meets local boy Sonne (Lau) at a club. The immediate chemistry between the two, and what they reveal to one another, give us believable reason for the extremes they’ll go to for each other. In contrast to the meticulous planning and regimented timing needed to execute the single-take action, much of the script was improvised to make each moment feel real and each interaction natural.

A multiple award winner at Berlinale, Victoria is an adrenaline-pumping thriller that pushes the boundaries of cinema.

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Tue 13th Jun 13.00 Silver Screen: Aged over 60? Join the Silver Screen Club for discounted tickets and a free tea or coffee at these shows. Usual ticket prices apply to non-Members. U3Ac: Open to the public. Part of the latest programme of repertory films brought to us by the University of the Third Age Cambridge Film Group.

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