Toni Erdmann

Director: Maren Ade
Starring: Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller
Duration: 162 min

When Toni Erdmann premiered at this year’s Cannes, it received the highest-ever combined star rating from critics at the film festival. Undoubtedly one of the films of the year, Maren Ade’s tragicomic domestic drama is a very funny examination of the disconnect between estranged family members and the pressures of the corporate world; it is as surprising, oddly touching and amusingly mischievous as its titular character. Snaggle-toothed and bewigged, Toni Erdmann is the bizarre alter ego of Winfried Conradi (Simonischek), a divorced music teacher with a penchant for playing pranks. Concerned that his career-driven daughter Ines (Hüller) has become too serious, ‘Toni’ starts to randomly turn up and wreak havoc during Ines’s work meetings and social functions. What begins as an attempt at familial reconnection has consequences neither Toni nor the increasingly stressed Ines could have predicted.

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