Salyut-7 + Live Q&A

Director: Klim Shipenko
Starring: Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pavel Derevyanko, Maria Mironova
Duration: 141 min

Awards: The Golden Eagle award in the main nomination “The Best Film”, the prize for the best editing of the film, the Nika award for “The Best Cinematography” in 2018.

Based on real events. USSR, 1985. On February 11, 1985, the Soviet orbital station Salyut-7, which has been in orbit in unmanned mode for the past six months, unexpectedly loses control and stops responding to signals sent from the Flight Control Center (FCC). A possible fall to Earth of the station, the pride of Soviet science and Space program, may result in not only a loss of the country's reputation, but also in a tragedy since it could fall anywhere on the planet and destroy any object and even a city. All this happens during the “cold war”, which further complicates the unpredictable situation.

In June 1985, after three months of training, the FCC management sends a specially equipped manned spacecraft Soyuz T-13 with a crew of two of the most experienced Soviet cosmonauts at that time. Ship's commander Vladimir Dzhanibekov and flight engineer Viktor Savinykh are confronted with the most difficult and risky task: to find the “dead” station; catch up with it without colliding, to carry out in outer space the most difficult manual docking with a moving uncontrolled spacecraft (which no one has ever done before in the history of space exploration); check the condition of the onboard systems and station equipment; identify the causes of problems and prevent a catastrophe.

General admission screenings

Mon 26th Nov

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