LKFF 2018 - Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Director: Jung Bum-shik
Starring: Wi Ha-jun, Park Ji-hyun, Mun Ye-won, Oh Ah-yeon
Duration: 94 min

Summer brings the scares with this found-footage roller-coaster ride that smashed the Korean box-office to become a certified horror sensation. An abandoned psychiatric hospital with a haunted history seems like the perfect setting for the creators of a ghost-hunting Youtube channel to boost their view-count. Building their own narrative from the clues they find in the building, it’s all flirty fun and GoPro games until the terrifying truth behind the stories is revealed…

Club and Group screenings

Mon 27th Aug 18.00 LKFF 2018 Teaser Screening: The London Korean Film Festival will return to Picturehouse Central in November 2018. Prior to the festival, we're pleased to present a handful of exclusive teaser screenings.

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