Kew Gardens with Orlando + Q&A

Duration: 130 min

Virginia Woolf on Film: Kew Gardens with Orlando + Q&A

A collaboration between the Cambridge Film Trust and the Fitzwilliam Museum, this event explores the adaptation of Woolf’s texts for the cinema, running in conjunction with Virginia Woolf: An Exhibition Inspired by Her Writings on show at the Fitzwilliam until 9 December. The 2018 short film Kew Gardens interprets Woolf’s 1919 story, reimagining for the 21st century the original text’s painterly mingling of different times, spaces and minds on a hot day at Kew. Sally Potter’s classic feature Orlando, an adaptation of Woolf’s supposedly ‘unfilmable’ novel, is also a reinterpretation for its time. Like the book, it overturns fixed ideas of gender and identity as it dances through English history, translating this into a striking cinematic form. Just as Kew Gardens evokes a contemporary, multicultural London, so Orlando speaks to current debates about gender fluidity. Both films take up the visual challenges of Woolf’s writing while extending her legacy by asking us to see the world through new eyes. The films will be followed by a post-screening discussion with Kew Gardens director Nick Cohen and actor Christina Carty, who plays Virginia Woolf in the short film, and has also appeared as the writer in Season 4 of the TV series Downton Abbey.

General admission screenings

Tue 27th Nov

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