Golden Genes

In conjunction with Earth Optimism Day on April 22nd, the Cambridge Conservation Initiative present a special screening of Golden Genes. With a post film discussion of the role of biobanks in preserving genetic resources, featuring Dr Ann Clarke of The Frozen Ark charity and Dr. Erwin Gorjup, Head of Department, Biomedical Technologies BMT | Fraunhofer UK

The frozen, bodiless genes of millions of plants, animals and humans are stored in biobanks around the world. They rekindle dreams of old: re-creating extinct species, ending world hunger, human life without illness or disease. But biobanks do more than that. They pose a fundamental question to our contemporary beliefs: What does it mean to be part of nature in the age of the genome?

Club and Group screenings

Wed 26th Apr 18.30 SciScreen: Investigating the science that goes into a films. Screenings are preceded by a 20–30-minute session hosted by at least one guest speaker. With introductory talk from Dr Erwin Gorjup: This screening will be introduced by Dr Erwin Gorjup, Head of Department Biomedical Technologies at Graunhofer UK

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