Bridge Of Spies

Director: Steven Spielberg.
Starring: Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance. USA 2015. 141 mins.

Steven Spielberg’s gripping latest tells the story of Brooklyn lawyer James Donovan (Hanks). He must negotiate the release of Francis Gary Powers (Austen Stowell, Whiplash), the pilot of an American U-2 spy plane shot down over Russia in 1960.

Donovan’s task involves organising the release of Powers, who is languishing in the notorious Lubyanka prison, in exchange for his own client, the British-born agent Rudolf Abel (Rylance), who was imprisoned in Atlanta three years earlier and charged with being part of a New York-based KGB spy ring.

The tense negotiations build to a dramatic encounter on Berlin’s famous Glienicke Bridge. Inspired by real events, Spielberg’s masterful re-enactment is co-written by Ethan and Joel Coen, and the starry cast includes veteran actor Alan Alda and Amy Ryan as Donovan’s wife. Bridge Of Spies is the ultimate Cold War blockbuster.

Contains infrequent strong language, moderate threat and violence.

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