Twisted, tense and refreshingly smart, Koko-Di Koko-Da is a unique and darkly comic new film from Swedish director Johannes Nyholm. When a married couple retreats to a remote area of forest as part of a reconciliatory camping trip, they encounter a trio of otherworldly presences who steadily turn their trip into a nightmare. Led by Mog (Peter Belli), in a sharp white suit and boater, the group begin subjecting Elin (Ylva Gallon) and Tobias (Leif Edlund) to a terrifying series of visitations, each one more intense than the last. "I'm fascinated by the everyday situations and power struggles lurking beneath the surface in relationships", explains Nyholm. "The couple faces a situation where matters are brought to a head and their love is sorely tested". It is revealed in flashbacks that Elin and Tobias have experienced a terrible tragedy which they're trying to come to terms with. Could Mog and his accomplices - one a wild-haired woman, the other a lurching - be physical manifestations of their grief? Or do they represent something more sinister: ghoulish spectres, who feed off the couple's animosity and bitterness? Don't go looking for easy answers in a film that has been unsettling audiences since it launched at Sundance 2019. It is best just to surrender to Nyholm's hallucinatory vision, one that combines the fractured logic of a fairy tale with the haunting mysteries of the subconscious (the title of the film derives from a Scandinavian nursery rhyme). "The film is deeply personal and a means to confront my own worst fear," says the director. "The story is also structurally constructed like a dream - or, more specifically, a nightmare"

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