Four Weeks on Monday's October 21st - Nov 11th, 7-9pm

The course will take place in the Community Room at Crouch End Picturehouse Lecturer: Joseph Jenner The influence of Japanese director Yasujirō Ozu on contemporary filmmaking cannot be underestimated. It is evident in the films of Joanna Hog, Jim Jarmush, Claire Denis and Hirokazu Kore-eda, among many others. On this course we will unpick the elements which make up the distinctive style of Ozu’s films covering narrative, shot construction and editing techniques. We will also think about his films in historical context, looking at their place within the broader Japanese film industry and considering the key debates around his work which, on the one hand fetishize the ‘Japaneseness’ of Ozu, while on the other view his films as pure formal exercises that ignore their historical and cultural context. Finally, we will look closely at the works of contemporary directors to think about how the style of Ozu remains embedded in contemporary filmmaking. By the end of the course the students will have a deeper critical appreciation of a remarkably innovative and influential filmmaker.

Week One: Ozu’s Aesthetic

Week two: Ozu and early 20th century Japanese Cinema

Week Three: Translating Ozu in the West

Week Four: The Legacy of Ozu

Tickets are £70 for the full four week course (£65 concession / £60 Picturehouse Members).

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