Tee and Mo is all about the daily adventures of a funny and energetic little monkey, Tee, and his clever and unstoppable mum, Mo. Stories, songs, and games explore everyday situations through the viewpoint of child and parent. While Tee and Mo may want to do different things, there’s always plenty of fun to have by negotiating the challenges of daily life TOGETHER. Their light-hearted approach to problemsolving and teamwork inspire imaginative play and lead to care-giver and child bonding both on and off screen.

We are delighted to be featuring the first 5 episodes of the newest season:


Tee wants to watch his favourite TV show ‘Bubble Duck’, but Mo is already watching her favourite show. The battle over the TV remote, to see who gains control of the television, soon gets out of hand.

Mission Unwakeable

Tee is not in the mood to go to bed, so Mo uses a drive in the car to rock him off to sleep. Tee is soon fast asleep but Mo realises she now faces a difficult situation - getting Tee out of the car and into his bed without waking him up!

Mo's Birthday

It’s Mo’s birthday and Tee is determined to fill every minute of the day with fun and games. Is there any chance of Mo sitting down and catching her breath?


Tee thinks his skateboard is the best toy in the world, until he sees Tomo’s remote controlled truck. The pair swap toys, but Tee soon wants his skateboard back.


Tee meets Nina’s new dog Garf and decides he wants to be a dog for the rest of the day. How is Mo going to stop Tee’s doggy ways?

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  • 09 Feb 2023
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