In pre-World War II Paris, Jules and Jim are inseparable friends, despite their differing temperaments and varying degrees of luck in love. When the two meet the radiant, impulsive Catherine, they’re both besotted, and a bond is forged between the trio – but Catherine falls in love with Jules, the quieter of the two. 

Years later Jim comes to stay with the couple and their daughter, and upon learning that their marriage has deteriorated begins a relationship of his own with Catherine – having been urged to do so by Jules, who hopes that if his wife is involved with his friend she will not leave him.

  • Director :
  • François Truffaut
  • Starring :
  • Michel Subor, Jeanne Moreau, Oskar Werner, Henri Serre, Vanna Urbino, Serge Rezvani, Marie Dubois
  • Release Date :
  • 04 Feb 2022
  • Certificate :
  • 12A
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