Powerful narratives of our current times.

Content Warning: This strand contains scenes of abuse, bodily harm, graphic suicide, mental illness, and violence.

The Kicksled Choir. Norway, 2020, 18 mins. Dir. Torfinn Iversen: Gabriel hopes to join the local choir, known for their kindness towards refugees, but his father isn't keen.

Iniquity. UK, 2021, 20 mins. Dir. Oliver Goodrum: Michael is on the brink of a new start in life, until his past comes back to haunt his future.

Hunting Bears. UK, 2020, 10 mins. Dir. Jason Ruddy: When Andy can no longer face the responsibility of caring for his brother, a trip down memory lane seems to be the only answer to his problems.

Uncle. UK, 2020, 13 mins. Dir. Michelle Jones: The coming of age story set in 90s London, of a teenage girl whose uncle dies in prison awaiting trial.

Birthday Boy. UK, 2021, 20 mins. Dir. Leo Lebeau: Birthday Boy follows a transgender boy, Alex, as he experiences bullying at a private all-girls school. He lives a double life in online games, where he feels he can express his true identity.

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  • 19 Nov 2021
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  • TBC
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