UK Premiere

One hundred years before the internet, a self-declared tech guru started preaching the future to his flock of outsiders. Meet the most influential nerd you may never have heard of: Hugo Gernsback. 

Decades in advance, he foresaw Skype, jetpacks, space mining and drones. But even though he would accumulate over 80 patents throughout his life and befriend the likes of Edison and Tesla, his most influential invention remains Science Fiction.

Gernsback started the first sci-fi magazine and thus planted the seeds for pop-culture phenomena such as Superman, Star Wars, and the world's obsession with UFOs.

Screens With:

My Brain Is Bigger: The Rise And Fall Of Elektro, The Smoking Robot Dir. Ian Johnston, USA, 10mins, English, UK Premiere.

A whimsical look at the life of America's first celebrity robot, Elektro. He was the 'next big thing', from the World's Fair to Soft-porn star... and then he disappeared.

  • Director :
  • Erik Schockmel
  • Release Date :
  • 22 Sep 2021
  • Certificate :
  • 18
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