Football star turned interplanetary superhero Flash Gordon (Jones) goes up against the evil Emperor Ming the Merciless (Von Sydow) in Mike Hodges’ marvellous 1980 riff on the famous comic strip character. A supreme camp sci-fi of the highest calibre, the film bursts with eye popping colour, deliciously elaborate production design, Queen’s fantastic music and the booming voice of Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan. Back on the big screen at the perfect time, this is pure cinematic joy. He’ll save every one of us.

  • Director :
  • Mike Hodges
  • Starring :
  • Sam J. Jones, Max Von Sydow, Timothy Dalton, Topol
  • Release Date :
  • 31 Jul 2020
  • Certificate :
  • 12A
  • Rate This Film :
  • Rating Description :
  • moderate violence, language, sex references, discriminatory stereotypes

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