We're delighted to welcome director Justin Kurzel and actors George MacKay, Essie Davis & Earl Cave for a live Q&A after the screening.

Based on Peter Carey’s Booker Prize-winning novel, Justin Kurzel’s True History Of The Kelly Gang shatters the mythology surrounding Ned Kelly to reveal the essence behind the life of the notorious icon. Hero to some, outlaw to others, Kelly (played by 1917's George MacKay) throws a long shadow over a specific period of Australian history. Spanning his life from his younger years to the time leading up to his death, the film explores the story behind this legendary figure. Nurtured by the notorious bushranger Harry Power (Russell Crowe) and fuelled by the unfair arrest of his mother (Essie Davis), Kelly recruits a wild bunch of warriors to plot a campaign of anarchy and rebellion that will grip the entire country. Youth and tragedy collide in the Kelly Gang, and at the beating heart of this tale is the fractured and powerful love story between a mother and son. 

All proceeds from this screening will go towards the Country Fire Authority of Victoria to help fight the bushfires in the region where the film was shot.

  • Director :
  • Justin Kurzel
  • Starring :
  • George MacKay, Essie Davis, Nicholas Hoult, Thomasin McKenzie, Charlie Hunnam, Russell Crowe
  • Release Date :
  • 28 Feb 2020
  • Certificate :
  • 18
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