Exploring Isolation

Introduced by Lili Sandelin, film producer and lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art and followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Inma de Reyes, director of Vivir Bailando.


Inma de Reyes · UK 2019 · 15 min · Digital · Spanish with English Subtitles · Documentary

When Cari (79) became a widow, she lost both the love of her life and her dancing companion. But she is a phenomenal woman who bounces back with wit, make-up and music. On meeting Vincente (80) she gets a second chance at unconditional teenage love. Once in a while she grieves her husband but most of her days are packed with fun making sure every day is lived to the full. Being the last inhabitants of a village in central Spain gives them the freedom to play loud pasodobles through the car’s stereo and dance life away.


Nayra Sanz · Spain 2019 · 10 min · Digital · English with English Subtitles · Documentary

This new conceptual and sensory miniature rethinks the concept of the social (self) portrait by playing with the distortions of a Big Brother impassively watching over us. It examines technological state of permanent control, of the mechanization of daily life ruled by a human-made inventiveness that has ended up taking control of our lives.


Marianna Vas and Hedda Bednarszky · Portugal 2018 · 20 min · Digital · No Dialogue · Documentary

Wild Berries is the sensorial journey of a solitary boy immersed in his own world. Left alone in the desolate rural landscape of Romania, he plays hide and seek among gigantic sunflowers, roams the endless fields, watches the animals around him, finds and loses things.


Guille Isa and Angello Faccini · U.S.A., Colombia 2019 · 11 min · Digital · Spanish with English Subtitles · Documentary

In coastal Colombia, facing rising tides made worse by climate change, a mother teaches her daughter how to swim so that she may go to the mangroves and harvest piangua shellfish with the other women in the village.

5. OUTSIDE THE ORANGES ARE BLOOMING (Napolju cvetaju narandže)

Nevena Desivojević · Serbia, Portugal 2019 · 20 min · Digital · Portuguese with English subtitles · Documentary

A single man, restlessly walking through his house, the village, the forest. Atmospheric observations from a seemingly insular, rural area in the south of Europe with no less insular people, shaped by their environment.

6. I CAN ALWAYS SLEEP BUT TONIGHT I CAN'T (Yo siempre puedo dormir pero hoy no puedo)

Fernando Vílchez and Andrea Morán · Spain 2019 · 17 min · Digital · Spanish with English Subtitles · Documentary

Traces from a book, remnants from lots of literature, jumbled notes. In various locations in Madrid, scattered readings from a mysterious diary stir up feelings through their words. Shots and pages that breathe fresh life into the pain of living; as torn, surreal, sad and happy as existence itself.

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  • 28 Feb 2020
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