Adapted from the celebrated story from James Joyce's DUBLINERS, John Huston’s final film (completed months before the Hollywood veteran died in 1987) is set in the snowbound city of Dublin at Christmas in 1904.

Family and friends gather at a large comfortable house for a dinner hosted by two elderly sisters: Aunts Kate and Julia.

Drawing room and dinner table are scenes of good-natured banter as a large and varied cast chatter and interact.

Gradually, the story narrows to focus on Gabriel and Gretta, a married couple no longer quite young for whom a painful reality will this evening become clear...

“Joyce was and remains the most influential writer in my life. THE DEAD confronts you with certain facts – love, marriage, passion and death – and forces you to face them. It's simply one of the greatest stories in the English language.” - John Huston

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  • 25 Oct 2019
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