Messy Goes To OKIDO: Senses

Duration: 35 min

Messy, voiced by Adam Buxton, is an inquisitive and lovable monster – brings science to life as he adventures through the colourful world of OKIDO with his best friends Zoe and Felix. The brave trio go on journeys of discovery and – with help from the ever-eccentric Zim, Zam and Zoom – unearth the answers to their big questions.

Because when you need to know, go to OKIDO!

A Touch of Sock
OKIDO's biggest robot Stan Tall has no sense of touch and is longing to feel the snow and the wind on his face. Will Messy and his friends be able to help?

Snowden’s Earmergency
Snowden's lost his pine cone ears and he can't hear a sausage! Will Messy and his friends find them in time for his performance in the OKIDO Ice Skating Extravaganza.

Too Many Mayors
Zam's latest OKIDO invention, hundreds of strawberries and a lot of Mayors help Messy find out what makes him who he is!

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