Messy Goes To OKIDO: Physics

Duration: 35 min

Messy, voiced by Adam Buxton, is an inquisitive and lovable monster – brings science to life as he adventures through the colourful world of OKIDO with his best friends Zoe and Felix. The brave trio go on journeys of discovery and – with help from the ever-eccentric Zim, Zam and Zoom – unearth the answers to their big questions.

Mayor Oki and Geoffrey are making a lot of noise in an election for who will be the next Mayor of OKIDO.

Glow Messy!
When the OKIDO lighthouse breaks down, Messy, Felix and Zoe go on a perilous journey through Mystery Mountain in search of a light that never goes out.

Ex-Static Messy
Messy's fur is all spiky and everything's getting stuck together! Will a trip to OKIDO's Valley of the Lost Balloons have the answers?

Club and Group screenings

Fri 20th Sep 11.30 Toddler Time: Exclusively for preschool children and their parents or carers.

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