Kelly Reichardt Retro: Meek's Cutoff + Night Moves

To coincide with the release of her acclaimed new film CERTAIN WOMEN, we take a look back at four of Kelly Reichardt's extraordinary films, renowned for their quiet power, stillness and moving central performances. Both double bills will be preceded by introductions.

Meek's Cutoff - Oregon, 1845. Three couples set out across the barren plains of the Great American West escorted by a surly trailblazer. This elegantly nuanced film breaks the revisionist Western mould, adopting an almost existential aroma.

Night Moves - Reichardt brings her characteristic lyricism and restraint to this intense thriller about a trio of hardcore environmental activists plotting to bomb a dam.

Club and Group screenings

Sun 5th Mar 13.00 Kelly Reichardt Retrospective: Coinciding with the release of her accalimed new film Certain Women.

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