Mrs Lowry and Son + Looking at Lowry

Director: Adrian Noble
Starring: Timothy Spall, Vanessa Redgrave
Duration: 120 min

Iconic British artist L. S. Lowry (Spall) lived most of his life with his over-bearing mother (Redgrave). Bed-ridden and unhappy, she tried to dissuade her son from pursuing his artistic ambitions. But Lowry was inspired by the urban life around him, and persisted in painting long into the night. Anchored by excellent performances from Spall and Redgrave, this powerful yet humorous story imagines the impact this obsessive mother-and-son relationship had on the great artist.

This screening is followed by an exclusive gallery talk from The Lowry Centre in Salford, where Timothy Spall will discuss L. S. Lowry’s life and art with gallery curator Claire Stewart.

Club and Group screenings

Tue 27th Aug 18.00 Preview: We're pleased to present exclusive previews of this film at Picturehouse Cinemas, prior to its general release.

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