Director: Timothy George Kelly. UK/Russia 2017. 84 mins.

In the wake of the most momentous event in modern British history, Brexitannia presents a complex panorama of fifty Leavers and Remainers from across the UK. Renewing the art of documentary interview, Timothy George Kelly’s meticulous black-and-white framing and sensitive portrayals of ordinary Britons gives an insightful and at times uncomfortable portrait of Britain today. The film ends with a sobering analysis from theorists including Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen and Nick Srnicek.

Contains infrequent strong language.

Club and Group screenings

Sun 29th Oct 12.30 + After film discussion on the ins and outs: of documenting Brexit with Brexitannia director Timothy George Kelly and forthcoming Postcards from the 48% director David Nicholas Wilkinson. Picturehouse Docs: Bringing you the best in new and topical documentaries covering issues around the world.

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