Shazam! 2D

Director: David F. Sandberg
Starring: Mark Strong, Djimon Hounsou, Zachary Levi
Duration: 132 min

We all have a superhero inside us – you just need a bit of magic to bring it out. For 14-year-old foster kid Billy Batson, who inherits a set of powers from an ancient wizard, saying one word is all it takes: Shazam!

That word unleashes Billy’s lightning-powered adult alter ego (played by Zachary Levi), a big kid in a godlike body, who gleefully tests the limits of his abilities before he has to learn how to use them for good.

Sweet, funny and unapologetically silly, SHAZAM! is a refreshing jolt to the superhero genre and a light-hearted film the whole family will enjoy. Think BIG, but in goofy red spandex.

Contains moderate violence, threat, horror, innuendo and bleeped strong language.

8.3/10 8 ratings.

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