Tee And Mo February 2019

Duration: 34 min

The adventures of a fun-loving three-year-old monkey, Tee, and first-time super-mum, Mo, as they navigate the swings and roundabouts of their life together, learning what it takes to be a son and a mum.

We're delighted to have our second Toddler Time programme of Tee And Mo. This programme will include:

Baby Tee
After finding his old baby bonnet under the sofa, Tee and Mo remember what it was like when Tee was still a baby.

Mo can make Tee crack-up laughing with one tickle, but Tee is unable to get her to laugh in return.
Tee gets more and more frustrated as he tries to find her tickle spot.

Camp out
Tee and Mo decide to have a camp out in the garden, but it seems there is always one more thing from his bedroom that Tee needs to help him fall asleep.

Mo for a morning
When Mo wakes up with a cold, who’s there to take over mum duties? Tee of course!

Tee and Mo are trying to get on with their day but Mo keeps getting calls on her mobile phone. After a while Tee gets fed up, but how can he get Mo’s attention?

Song: Are we ready to go?

Club and Group screenings

Tue 19th Feb 11.00 Toddler Time: Exclusively for preschool children and their parents or carers.

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