Amazing Grace

Director: Sydney Pollack Alan Elliot
Starring: Aretha Franklin, Reverend James Cleveland, The Southern California Community Choir
Duration: 88 min

Witness the queen of soul as you’ve never seen her before. A spine-tingling performance from Aretha Franklin, returning to her gospel roots after many years, is the subject of this powerful new concert film, which captures a two-night recording session in a Los Angeles Baptist church in January 1972. The resulting live album would go on to become the most successful gospel record of all time – ‘Amazing Grace’.

“Franklin singing gospel in a badly lit church with rows of cheap movie theatre seats filled with ecstatic fans is a balm for the spirit, and something that needs to be seen.” - Jordan Hoffman, The Guardian

8.1/10 7 ratings.

General admission screenings

Mon 20th May
16.00 18.15 20.30
Tue 21st May
12.45 17.15 19.35
Wed 22nd May
Thu 23rd May
14.30 17.00

Club and Group screenings

Tue 21st May 15.00 Big Scream: Exclusively for parents or carers with babies under the age of one.

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