Nationwide Presents Happy Mondays

As part of their PayDay SaveDay initiative, Nationwide are supporting our Happy Mondays screenings.

Tom Dwyer

04 Sep 19

With our Happy Mondays offer, all tickets for all films are at a reduced price every Monday*. We've teamed up with Nationwide as they launch their new PayDay SaveDay campaign. Their aim is to help get everyone into the savings habit, by encouraging us all to put some money away every pay day. No matter how much or little you save, you'll find it's easier to do it the day you're paid rather than waiting to save what's left at the end of the month. And as Happy Mondays makes your trip to the cinema that bit cheaper, it's another opportunity to put a little bit away.

Find out more about Payday Saveday

*Happy Mondays prices:

Picturehouse Central: £10.70 for members, £13.70 for general admission

Harbour Lights, Stratford upon Avon: £5.50 for members, £7.50 for general admission

All other cinemas: £5.70 for members, £7.70 for general admission

Picturehouse general terms of admissions apply